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Does WPC Decking Get Hot? Debunking the Heat Myth

While all decking materials absorb heat, WPC decking's composition and heat dissipation properties make it a comfortable choice for outdoor spaces.

One common concern among homeowners considering WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking is whether it gets excessively hot under the sun. In this blog post, we will dispel the myth and provide a clear understanding of the temperature dynamics associated with WPC decking.


Fact vs. Fiction:

Contrary to popular belief, WPC decking does not get significantly hotter than other decking materials, such as traditional wood or solid plastic. While it's true that any decking material exposed to direct sunlight will absorb heat, WPC decking has properties that help minimize heat retention and offer a more comfortable experience.


Heat Dissipation Properties of WPC Decking:

The unique composition of WPC decking, combining wood fibers and plastic, contributes to its superior heat dissipation capabilities. The wood fibers act as natural insulators, reducing heat absorption and retention. Additionally, the plastic component helps dissipate heat more efficiently, preventing excessive temperature buildup.


Factors Influencing WPC Decking Temperature:

Several factors can influence the temperature of WPC decking, including:


  1. Color: Darker-colored decking tends to absorb more heat than lighter shades. If you reside in a region with hot climates, choosing lighter-colored WPC decking can help mitigate heat absorption.


2. Sun Exposure: Direct exposure to sunlight plays a significant role in decking temperature. Areas with intense and prolonged sunlight may experience higher temperatures, regardless of the decking material used.


3. Air Circulation: Adequate airflow and ventilation in the outdoor space can help dissipate heat and prevent localized hotspots on the decking surface.


4. Shade and Coverings: Utilizing natural shade from trees, awnings, or pergolas can shield the decking from direct sunlight, reducing heat absorption.


Practical Tips for a Comfortable Decking Experience:

To ensure a comfortable experience with your WPC decking, consider implementing the following tips:


  1. Time of Use: Schedule outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day, such as mornings or evenings, when the sun's intensity is lower.


2. Footwear: Consider wearing appropriate footwear, such as sandals or shoes, to minimize direct contact with the decking surface during peak temperatures.


3. Maintenance: Regularly clean your WPC decking to remove debris and dirt, as a clean surface is less likely to retain heat.


4. Additional Measures: Incorporate shade structures, such as umbrellas or pergolas, to provide extra protection from direct sunlight.



The notion that WPC decking becomes excessively hot is a misconception. While all decking materials absorb heat, WPC decking's composition and heat dissipation properties make it a comfortable choice for outdoor spaces. By considering factors like color, sun exposure, and implementing practical tips, you can ensure an enjoyable and pleasant experience on your WPC deck, even during warmer weather conditions.

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