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HomeNewsThis article will take you through the common ways of laying wood flooring

This article will take you through the common ways of laying wood flooring

This article will take you through the common ways of laying wood flooring

The floor has spread the word "three-point floor, seven-point installation", which shows the importance of floor installation. When installing the floor, pay attention to the paving method, different paving methods will bring different visual effects, often change a paving method, the appearance level of your home is not the same in an instant. The following will introduce several common wood flooring paving methods.


01 H-shape paving

This is the most common way to lay wood floors, because the gaps between the floors are similar to the word "work". Since the lower floor is spliced from half of the upper floor, it is also called half spelling in the industry. I-shape paving consumables rate is low, although normal, but the upper and lower two rows of floor patchwork, looks very neat.


02 Zigzag paving

Zigzag paving is the staggered laying of several wooden floors of the same length, first laid horizontally into a square, and then laid vertically into a square, far away like a small grid with a unique texture is spliced together, very spatial.


03 Herringbone paving

Herringbone paving is to splice a wooden floor in accordance with the word "people" to make the space more malleable. However, because there is no gap between the floor, there is no way to leave the expansion joint for the floor to expand and shrink, so the herringbone flooring is very easy to be damp and moldy, it is recommended to choose a multi-layer composite solid wood floor with good moisture resistance.


04 Fish bone lay

As the name suggests, it is to combine the floor in accordance with the form of fishbone splicing, and when laying, it is necessary to cut all wood floors at 45° and splicing. Its disadvantages are also obvious - high consumable rate, high labor and material costs, and higher requirements for the construction master's process.

In addition, the difference between fishbone and herringbone spelling is that herringbone spelling is square planks staggered, and fishbone spelling needs to cut rectangular planks into 45° Angle parallelograms, and then line up along the middle seam, just like a fish bone.


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