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This is a real business negotiation case from one of my wholesaler customers located in European market. We know each other from Linkedin, the whole negotiation process was more motivating, however the result was very satisfactory.

Mr. Edward browsed my LinkedIn account (Selinya Nicole), took the initiative measures to add me as a friend list, then he began to understand our flooring. According to Edward’s description, Edward originally tried to learn about our products, but the more he found that the increase of expertise on flooring products he got. As time flies, when we became familiar with each other, he told me these professional knowledge I popularized enabled him to successfully negotiate a local hotel project.

The process of negotiating with Mr. Edward was not very smooth. The biggest obstacle among us was the limited budget of his project, and our quotation did not occupy a favorable position. Mr. Edward also clarified his budget with us. Since it exceeded the budget, Mr. Oscar has not talked about the order directly for a long time, and asked me from time to time whether there is a discount. Taking stand on MR. Edward, we understand him deeply, and we also tried our best to facilitate this order to help him, even if we clearly know there is almost no profit, because our production process is different from other suppliers. Others may use an extruder mahcine for integral molding, however we use the Hot Press equipment to deal with the detail instead of Extruder machine. The flooring stability performance is guaranteed, and at the same time, the rigid core of the floor will not be with air bubbles, which leads to the density of our floor is better than that of others. All proves Lekol flooring is more suitable for project use.