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An inspirational story for cooperation with popular brand company in America

Signed the confidentiality agreement with this company, please forgive us for not being able to show their brand name, and let’s name it as Brand A.

Being able to develop Brand A is our goal in 2022, getting response from them is beyond our imagination. Everyone knows that once customers adapt to a supplier, it is difficult and not easy to change for a new supplier. Lekol has more than ten years of flooring manufacturing experience, we are always ready to be your potential quality supplier.


Lekol and Brand A are associated with our popular floor – SPC flooring. Brand A has been well-known in flooring industry, and we are no exception. As usual, we found the contact information of the main person we wanted and wrote the first development letter, but what we did not expect was that they actually gave us a reply. It happened that they wanted to expand branch product portfolios, and hope to find a stable supplier. They asked us to prepare a quotation for popular specifications for reference. With the assistance of our team, we made a valuable and exquisite quotation for their evaluation. After a few days, the request for the sample sheet is received, and the specification of the sample sheet is obtained. The specification requirements of the brand are higher than the requirements of ordinary orders. After several rounds of video meeting with brand A, also under the help of Lekol’s research and development team, we successfully produced samples that meet customer specifications and sent them to for Brand A internal technical testing. Undoubtedly, the customer sent us an unimaginably qualified test report, and then another round of design and color selection was required, so after half a year, brand A made the first trial of a 20GP container.


2023 is a year for us to make sostenuto rapid progress, and it is also a year for us to continue our cooperation with Brand A.

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