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HomeNewsLaminate floor "thick" and "thin" one of the mysteries!

Laminate floor "thick" and "thin" one of the mysteries!

LEKOL 2024-03-15
Laminate floor "thick" and "thin" one of the mysteries!

Laminate floor with its high wear resistance, easy to take care of, a wide variety of colors, affordable and other advantages, has become the preferred material for people's floor decoration, its market demand is also a straight upward trend. LEKOL floor today to talk with you - how to choose the "thick" and "thin" laminate floor



"Thick" and "thin" have nothing to do with the quality of the floor

"Thick" and "thin" mainly refers to the thickness of the substrate size, no matter what size of laminate floor you choose, "thick" and "thin" should meet our floor quality standards, so there is no "thin" and "thick" quality problems. Note: The density of laminate floor, internal bonding strength, moisture content, expansion rate, formaldehyde release and other indicators are not related to "thick" and "thin".




"Thick" and "thin" have less influence on foot feeling

Compared with other floors, laminate floor feet feel slightly worse, because laminate floor has high density, rigidity and other characteristics. Only by improving the thickness of the laminate floor to improve the sense of feet, but "less effort", it is difficult to achieve obvious results!




"Thin" ones are more environmentally friendly than "thick" ones

The thickness of the laminate floor increases, the substrate will inevitably increase, the consumption of raw materials will also increase significantly, and the amount of forest harvesting will increase, which is not conducive to the ecological balance!


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