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Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring–Made For Real Life

Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring–Made For Real Life

What is a water-resistant laminate flooring?

water-resistant laminate flooring, is a floor with relatively high water resistance, but this is a concept in a relative sense, focusing on highlighting the waterproof characteristics of the floor, rather than the fact that the floor is really not afraid of water. When the wooden floor is soaked in the water for a long time, the drum will be deformed. Strictly speaking, the water is the natural enemy of the floor, but if the technology content is added in the wooden floor, the floor groove is double-sealed through the biological wax coating technology. At this point, this tightness will prevent moisture from entering the substrate, providing a very good and effective waterproofing effect.


How to buy water-resistant laminate flooring?

1, preferred business history, well-known brand manufacturers

water-resistant wood flooring is a product with high technological content. From the aspect of appearance, it is not easy to distinguish between good and bad quality. It must pass the inspection of the quality of the floor

2, choose wear rotation

The abrasion resistance of water-resistant wood flooring mainly depends on the content of aluminum oxide in the surface layer, and the certain wear resistance corresponds to a certain amount of aluminum oxide.

3, choose free formaldehyde release

water-resistant wood floor contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if it exceeds the national standard value (1.5mg/L) will be harmful to the human body.

4, water-resistance performance

water-resistance performance is reflected by the index of water absorption thickness expansion. The index value is high and the water resistance is poor, that is, it easily causes dimensional changes in a humid environment.

Wooden floor in the water for a long time to soak the drum deformation, in the strict sense, water is the natural enemy of the floor, but if you add technology content in the wooden floor, the floor can be waterproof, waterproof floor is very good.


Now new Generation Flooring,the future development trend of the laminate flooring industry.

LEKOL water-resistant Laminate flooring, which is a new generation of floor. Black HDF boards, with the Atomic hydrogen and high density, is resistant to moisture.

With their water-resistant construction and leading hardwood designs, it is an ideal flooring options for any room – even bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms.

When it’s waterproof, it’s worry-proof! 

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