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New floor knowledge popularization! WPC floor!

New floor knowledge popularization! WPC floor!

In the ground decoration, China is generally accustomed to using tiles, wood floors and carpets, Europe and the United States is the most popular type of floor, also known as "light body floor" or "light body floor material", it is a new type of light body floor decoration materials in the world today, popular Europe and the United States and Asia, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions, the use rate in some areas even more than 2 times the wood floor. The most famous 4 types of new floor materials are: PVC floor, LVT floor, SPC floor, WPC floor. Today mainly introduces WPC wood-plastic flooring.


Composition technology

WPC is wood-plastic flooring, is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite material products, in the production of medium and high density fiberboard, the lignan produced in the process of adding recycled plastics through granulation equipment to make wood-plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group to make wood-plastic flooring. Wood-plastic composite board is a kind of high-tech green environmental protection material mainly made of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing additives, etc., mixed evenly and then heated and extruded by mold equipment, both wood and plastic performance and characteristics, real floor black technology, A new type of environmentally friendly high-tech material that can replace Wood and Plastic, the English Wood Plastic-Composites abbreviation is WPC. Is a real zero formaldehyde environmental protection, waterproof, quiet type super elastic floor!


WPC floor from the bottom to the surface in turn by the underlying material (backing layer), intermediate material (core layer), glass fibre, color film decorative paper (decorative paper) and wear layer (wear layer) composition.


Advantages of WPC

PC Engineered Vinyl Flooring - The price of WPC is gold level, the price of WPC 5.5mm is basically the same price line as Vinyl 5.0mm locks and non-adhesive products, but it is higher than magic buttons, and far higher than washed glue and ordinary PVC flooring (brushed glue type);
The installation cost of WPC is much lower than that of ordinary brushed PVC floor, lower than that of ordinary PVC lock floor, and the installation cost of non-adhesive PVC floor, magic buckle and washed PVC floor is little different;
WPC water resistance is quite good, wood plastic this layer of water resistance is also very stable, on the contrary, magic button, washing glue, ordinary brush glue type PVC floor because it involves glue, waterproof effect is general;
Installation convenience, WPC is relatively convenient because it is the installation method of Angle-Tap, which is suitable for DIY. Of course, the Dry back that needs to be brushed separately is the worst at this point.
The WPC floor is certainly good in terms of silence and foot feel, especially the WPC floor with cork or EVA cushion;
WPC is also very good in terms of environmental protection, including formaldehyde emission, heavy metals, especially Reach tests, 144 all passed.
WPC sound absorption effect is good, good energy saving, so that indoor energy saving up to more than 30%.
WPC installation is simple, convenient construction, do not need complicated construction technology, save installation time and cost.
WPC floor is weak in terms of recyclability after use, because WPC (WoodPlastic) cannot be recycled and reused, and PVC floors of other products can be recycled and continued to be used as recycled materials.


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